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Belvedere St. Francis Childcare Centre

This is a place where children can find the nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment all parents are looking for. We are located in the same building as St. Francis Day Care of Assisi Catholic School and enjoy wonderful family atmosphere ranging from our tiny babies to the big kids getting ready for the adventures life will bring

We realize each child is unique in their own way at St. Francis Day care we keep track of each child’s progress and help them succeed.

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We accept children from age of 12 months to 12 years.

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St. Francis Day Care developed various programs keeping the parents and kids in mind. We offer daycare and out of school care programs, because at St. Francis Day Care we believe every kid needs to be looked after and taken care off. St. Francis Day Care leads by example; our team is constantly looking for new research and ways how it can help your child’s development. In order to give improve each skill for your child St. Francis Day Care offers dedicated rooms for each curriculum which will help your child learn to build independence while being guided by our experienced staff.

Being aware of the ability of the children will help detect a development delay if occurring. It is essential in our centre to ensure that the children get the help and guidance they need to observe, question, explore, experiment in order to develop their thinking ability, language, and listening skills. To meet these needs, we as professionals have to provide the children with age appropriate activities, toys and materials to stimulate their language, listening, problem solve and observational skills such as story time with questions and answers.

Pick up and Drop off service available on request

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Proudly serving in Edmonton Alberta, Belvedere and Surrounding

Over the years we’ve successfully maintained our status as an accredited daycare and out of school program by Alberta Government.

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