6614 129 Ave NW, Edmonton AB T5C 1V7, Canada

5119 50 street, Viking, AB T0B 4N0, Canada

Parental involvement is greatly encouraged in our daycare. Parent meeting will be held once a year. Any general questions or comments will be gladly addressed. Our centre practices an open- door policy. We encourage parents to bring forth any ideas, suggestions, concerns, or comments they may have.

We want all parents to feel confident and relaxed knowing that their children are beginning their lives in a safe loving environment which would allow them a good start. Parents meeting are held annually

We always want to put your child's safety and health above all, in order for us to accomplish this we ask parents to abide by some simple housekeeping rules.

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We want to hear more about your kids and how we can help?


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Has separate age appropriate classrooms and each classroom has a certified teacher.

We have a huge outdoor playground that gives plenty of space for fresh air activities.

We follow strict safety policies to keep the children safe and provide them home like environment.


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All staff is trained in CPR and First Aid.

The majority are graduates of accredited post secondary child care training programs.

Are professionals committed to children and their quality care.

Understand and have the skills to meet and challenge the developmental needs of the children.


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Child staff ratios are maintained according to the Alberta Child Care Act at all times. Ratios are calculated to find out how many children each staff member will have at any given time during the day. The following is a chart of ratios for different age groups:

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We want to hear more about your kids and how we can help.?