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Our program is to promote children’s social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional growth and development.

We accept children from age of 12 months to 12 years.

St. Francis Day Care developed various programs keeping the parents and kids in mind. We offer daycare and out of school care programs, because at St. Francis Day Care we believe every kid needs to be looked after and taken care off.

St. Francis Day Care leads by example. our team is constantly looking for new research and ways how it can help your child’s development. In order to give improve each skill for your child St. Francis Day Care offers dedicated rooms for each curriculum which will help your child learn to build independence while being guided by our experienced staff.

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We want to hear more about your kids and how we can help?

Why Choose us

For toddlers

Help them develop the use of their left and right brain

Practice skills such as buttoning, tying and zipping

Caring for the environment

Toilet training

Develop their attention span

Teach them to entertain themselves without using electronic devices, such as tablets, cell phones, TVs etc.

Spend time outside if the weather permits

We will be reviewing our entire program annually and the staff and parents should become involved in any changes that they may want to see in our philosophy, programming, etc.

Pre-School and kindergarten program:

Our kindergarten program is based on each child's development stage rather than the age. Engaging the bodies as well as the minds of children will help them learn.

Activities are based on teaching the child mathematics, science, reading and writing

Walking forward and backward easily

Kick throw and catch ball

Count and understand the concept of counting

Emotional development

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We want to hear more about your kids and how we can help.?